Sunday, April 19 at 18:00

Introducing: The Topics

While the main topic of ISWI 2009 is Human Rights, all participants have chosen smaller topics to work on, discuss and in the end present during the closing ceremony. Starting tomorrow we will announce all those small topics that ISWI 2009 will be about as well as the speakers holding an introductory or finishing lecture to the participants. Here is a short list:
  1. Philosophy group
  2. The Human Rights Charter: past – present – future
  3. Basic needs of humans
    1. Food and nutrition
    2. Education
    3. Medical care
  4. Same rights for everyone
    1. Human rights and children
    2. Poverty and social justice
    3. Equal rights
    4. Generation contracts and conflicts
  5. Human rights - regions of tension
    1. Human rights and politics
    2. Human rights and the economy
    3. Human rights and science
    4. Human rights and environment
    5. Geopolitical aspects of human rights: culture – borders – globalization
    6. Human rights and justice
    7. Freedom and security
    8. Human rights and media
  6. Human rights and religion
  7. Human rights and art
    1. Literature
    2. Music
    3. Theatre
    4. Design
    5. Photography
    6. Movie
  8. Documentation group
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