Saturday, April 18 at 12:00

Group 5.8: Human rights and media

“The fourth power”, “guardian of democracy” - these terms are often used in combination with media, which are an integral part of our modern information society. Providing us with the up-todate and important news, they should also fulfil a monitoring function concerning politics. But which special role do they play concerning human rights? How do media reflect human rights and what can media do to preserve them? How has it come about, that so many organizations protecting human rights exist especially in this field of work? Furthermore, the participants should make up their mind as to what media can do for the distribution and implementation of human rights. Aspects like freedom of the press, censorship or control of the media should be discussed. How far is the freedom of the press allowed to go? To what extent is media able to violate human rights by spreading disinformation or self-censorship? Do independent media exist? Should the media be controlled?

The introductory lecture will be held by Reporters without Borders