Thursday, April 16 at 09:00

Group 1: Philosophy

What is a human being? What are rights? What are human rights? Where do they come from? What do they include? These questions and similar ones will be the main subject for discussion within the philosophy group. The participants shall also think about the theoretical concepts that led to the Human Rights as universally declared. The examination of the human being as an individual is an important thing that should be discussed here. What is the relationship between the individual and the society? Why do people commit crimes? Are there commonly accepted rules for living together in a society? Can people live in a society without laws? The philosophic examination of human rights confronts the participants with themselves, their basic understanding of human beings and humanity, rights and justice. They will deal with fundamental questions and will develop a sophisticated reflection of the present situation of human rights in the world, which is the basis for the work of all the other groups.

The introductory lecture will be held by Dr. Arnd Pollmann