Friday, April 17 at 12:00

Group 4.4: Generation contracts and conflicts

“Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young; and doubly blessed is the generation in which the young listen to the old.” There have been generational conflicts ever since the high expectancy of life allowed the coexistence of more than two generations at the same time. Due to the evolution of man and progress in general, the expectancy of life has happily increased. Because of this there are more and more different generations living together and that is why the conflicts between the generations become more obvious. What effects are following from this? Different generations normally have different cultural, social and economical attitudes and concerns. Now it is the question in how far these various attitudes and concerns are compatible with each other. What problems follow from the differences? What chances are offered by them? How can generations learn from each other? How can every human, regardless of the generation he or she belongs to, participate in society? In this context, the concept of justice between generations often appears on the scene. But what is the idea behind this concept, what does it contain? What are the responsibilities, what are the obligations between the various generations? How is coexistence in solidarity possible for people of all ages? Shall this concept be included into an article within the Human Rights Declaration? These are questions the participants should discuss within this area of potential conflict. They should especially think of strategies to oppose existing problems like discrimination against older people and they should develop ideas that lead to more solidarity between generations. Existing concepts shall be brought to discussion, too.

The introductory lecture will be held by Dr. Dr. Jörg Tremmel