Monday, May 4 at 21:00

Only a few days left...

... and there is still a lot to do. Let's take a walk on the campus:

In the ISWI-office at house A many helpers are preparing the a-MAZE-in' human rights. The last parts of the giant labyrinth are cut, colored and attached, while outside the office others try to add some stability to it. The orga-team is on its way to the BC-Café for a final organizational meeting with the local student clubs. On the other side of the campus the documentation-group has its first meeting, regularly interrupted by the workshop-day-organizers. With many new ideas they all move on to have a chat with the public relations team about some last-minute-ideas.

Of course this is just a brief glimpse on what is going on behind the scenes with just a few days left. Everyone involved awaits eagerly the arrival of the participants on May 8. Read more