Sunday, April 19 at 12:00

Group 7.6: Movie

Animated pictures have fascinated us since their invention. There may not be many other media which have the same impact on us as film. The movie is a medium that gives free rein to our fantasy, lets us dream, express our ideas and communicate with people overcoming nearly every border. Therefore the movie can be a source of information giving us insight in other cultures and worlds of thoughts. But it can also call attention to disadvantage, provoke thought or call a protest. This group is all about the movie as art, information source and agitator. We want to discuss what movies can do for human rights and find examples for movies that have human rights as their topic. Besides this discussion we plan to give the participants the chance to do the conceptual design of and shoot a movie. The group will be supported by the campus film club ‘hfc’ and the campus television station ‘iStuff’.