Friday, April 17 at 09:00

Group 4.3: Equal rights

The Declaration of Human Rights says without any doubt that the rights and the liberties it contains apply to every human - independent of his sex or any other status. Hence, the equality of all humans is theoretically fulfilled. But what is about the practical realisation of this aim? This question shall be the starting point of all following discussions within the group. How can the theoretical equality be translated into practice? In what areas this is already achieved? What kinds of concepts exist? Where are the abuses and how can they be remedied? In this connection, the emancipation of people from role models, the active integration of minorities into society and the removal of limits should be set on the agenda. Existing problems like violence against people because of their race, sex or a disability should be discussed, too. The participants should also think about possible strategies to oppose these problems.

The introductory lecture will be held by Prof. Dr. Godula Kosack