Saturday, April 18 at 06:00

Group 5.6: Human rights and justice

“It is not human rights that are abused, but humans.” Justice plays an important role in the implementation and defence of human rights. Their institutions have the task of ensuring the preservation of Human Rights and of tracking and punishing violations. Basic questions and problems arise. For example, who makes sure there is justice in the preservation of Human Rights? Is the judicial system really independent? Are we really all equal in the eyes of the law? The group should also discuss the work of the institutions of justice, like the structure and procedure of the International Court of Justice or the role of the United Nations. Ideas should be developed how justice can secure the preservation of Human Rights worldwide and how the reputation and the efficiency of the existing institutions could be improved. Other topics to discuss in this group are the death penalty and martial law.

The introductory lecture will be held by Richard Crowe