Friday, April 17 at 18:00

Group 5.2: Human rights and the economy

The economy should serve the needs of human beings. But from time to time there are proven violations of Human Rights committed for economic reasons. The participants should address with the question of whether economical decisions should follow ethical and social principles. On which values are they based? Are there any economical values contradicting human rights? How should society handle these inconsistencies? Does something like a catalogue of commercial ethics offer a probable solution? Which possibilities are there, actively to influence the decisions of companies violating human rights? Another point for debate is the question about the moral responsibility of companies concerning cooperation with countries which do not uphold human rights. Should this cooperation be prohibited? How can the economy help to turn human rights into reality? Do strategies like “fair trade” provide solutions to the social problems? Another linked point to discuss in this group should be the globalisation of economy. What effects does it have on human rights? To what extent do humans have to be flexible and mobile? Are there any limits? Should every field of economics be ruled by the market or should some areas be regulated by the government? What effect does the fight for resources have on human rights? Under which conditions does an individual human being have to do without, to benefit the economy?

The introductory lecture will be held by Verena Maria Tobler Linder and Dr. Angelika Köster-Lossack