Friday, April 17 at 03:00

Group 4.2: Poverty and social justice

The gap between poverty and wealth increases all over the world. On the one hand, there are few very wealthy people while on the other hand many people struggle for their daily survival even in industrialised nations. There is a close connection between human rights and social justice. But what does social justice mean? And can there ever be such a thing? The participants will talk about that topic and may include experiences from their own countries so that ideally, in the end we will get a heterogeneous, global picture that could lead to totally new prospects and possible solutions. They should on the one hand deal with the question how social balance can be achieved within countries and on the other hand discuss how a general and worldwide decrease in poverty could be achieved. Could this be achieved by every nation on its own or is it only possible in a global context? What might such a global context look like? Also existing measures like writing off debts of developing and emerging nations should be taken into consideration and discussed critically.

The finishing lecture will be held by Dr. Anja Mihr