Saturday, April 18 at 03:00

Group 5.5: Geopolitical aspects of human rights: culture – borders – globalization

Globalization is a keyword often used in combination with current geopolitical changes that affects every sphere of human life. The participants in this group should discuss the influence of globalization on our own identity, culture and nationality. What are the consequences? Will all the cultural diversity form a global culture or do we already have one? Do integration and preservation of one’s culture exclude others or is a combination of both possible? What about the right to a culture of one’s own – how important is it; can it be preserved? With the progress of globalization the borders between countries change. They fall apart, they move, or are reinstated. What sense, what meaning, which advantages and disadvantages do borders have? Does globalization result in the overcoming of these borders or do new borders appear? Will social globalization follow the economic one? What might such a globalization look like?

The introductory lecture will be held by Verena Maria Tobler Linder and Dr. Angelika Köster-Lossack