Monday, May 11 at 16:36

Is health a Human Right?

What is health and is it a part of Human Rights? How many children reach the age of 5 years old in poor countries? What did the Helsinki declaration include? These were just a few questions on the introductory lecture for the Medical Care group.
The lecturer of this work group was dr. med. Peter Tinnemann. Participants discussed about Globalization and Human Rights in both poor and rich countries. The lecturer spoke also about tipical medicinal problems, the vital needs of poor patients or death rates. It was also the oportunity to speak about doctors' work and responsabilities. Students exchanged their experiences and spoke about the situations in their countries.
„I'm for the first time on ISWI“ – declared Peter Tinnemann, doctor at the Berliner Charity and member of Medecines Sans Frontieres. - And it is great that we speak about Human Rights, problems which touch all th people and also to have feedback from students all over the world. Festivals like this one are really important. Not just for the students, but also for us, lectures, because like this we have the
chance to share our points of view.
By Marta


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