Monday, May 11 at 17:11

movie night in bc club

Yesterday BC club pleased their visitors with the movie night. A delightful comedy “L‘auberge espagnol” was on. “L'auberge espagnole" literally translates as the Spanish inn, but it's also a French expression for a place where cultures are mixed together like a mess. So, both translations fit the film by writer-director Cédric Klapisch's greatly. The film depicts the adventures of a young boy called Xavier(Romain Duris), who has applied for international programme “Erasmus” and went to Barcelona in order to learn Spanish. He rents apartments together with multinational company of students: the English Wendy (Kelly Reilly), the Spanish Soledad (Cristina Brondo), the Italian Alessandro (Fédérico D'anna), the Danish Lars (Christian Pagh) and the German Tobias (Barnaby Metschurat), the Belgium Isabelle (Cécile de France) and Wendy's brother William (Kevin Bishop) join the group. The actors create true-to-life image of the European youth, who spend a year abroad, finding their love, friendship and having fun, of course, not forgetting about their studies. The atmosphere of passion, romance and friendship bring to life on the screen. The film is full of funny scenes and comedic episodes. It appealed much to the audience, as the constant laughing was heard all the time in the club and the mood of watchers was very positive. Although it is not natural for comedies, the end is quite sad. But, nevertheless, this entertaining and captivating film give a deep and lasting expression to everybody and, I think, can’t leave anybody cold! Astapova Polina


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