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Photojournalism: Behind brown eyes

Olivia Heussler, a freelance photo-journalist, independent artist living in Zurich and the co-founder of Swiss Agency lookat photos has presented today, Monday, the 11th of May her last project. ´The Dream of Solentiname´Nicaragua 1984-2007, a photo book, 280 pages, telling the history of the establishment of Nicaragua.
‘We are what we see. We show what we want to show..’ stated Heussler when interviewed to an article, ‘The Lens as a Witness: Photography as Advocacy in the Struggle for Human Rights ‘ 2008, by Rikki Gunton. Presenting with the student the Human Rights spiral, she was more interested in fact whether they had actually heard about it before, taking an active part in asking them questions.

Living in Nicaragua for several years with no electricity nor radio at first, part of an organized brigade aiming to help the people, working in agricultural fields, Hussler is telling the story behind the pictures. Arranged in a chronological order, showing a large number of black and white photos in order to control the development of her work, ‘photography’ she sais ‘ is my language , my autonomy’.

Heussler, graduated in Photography at the Zurich Art School, is performing a workshop during this whole week as part of the photography group. An exhibition of her work will be held at the Humboldtbau building. More of her work you can see at

By Ravit Benaim


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