Monday, May 11 at 14:10

Docu office going mad

Rain, please stop and go away.
We blame this crazy water pourring out from the sky for the following things that don't work here anymore:
- the wireless connection in the up-right corner of our office;
- internet on my laptop (anne)
- the audio device on my laptop (still me)
- martin's interrupted online radio station
- missing plug-ins
- a first mac problem (did you ever hear of anything like this?)
- groupleaders who want to die
- EAZ people telling us to leave the office
- oh. and my laptop just crashing down for good.

If an of you feels that he could help by singing a comforting song or baking a cake, you can find us in room 1314, EAZ.


Anonymous said...

yay. i left you guys alone for 10 hours and and you doubled your numbers (rabbicitants?), scared off the people who work here and consumed all the oxygen. way to go, docugroup.

anyway we need music here... martin?

anne said...

disney soundtrack, yaaaay.
the thing is i heard last night it was only you and martin here. so you really did a good job guys with the procreation.

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