Monday, May 11 at 08:00

Inductory lectures: Speakers

Today at 10:30 AM the following speakers are going to hold an introductory lecture:
  • Dr. Arnd Pollmann for group 1 (Philosophy group)
  • Katja Ganzke in cooperation with the Buchenwald memorial for group 2 (The Human Rights Charter: past – present – future)
  • Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren for group 3.1 (Food and nutrition)
  • Mona Motakef for group 3.2 (Education)
  • Dr. Peter Tinnemann (Charié Berlin) for group 3.3 (Medical care)
  • Andreas Rister (terre des hommes) for group 4.1 (Human rights and children)
  • Prof. Dr. Godula Kosack for group 4.3 (Equal rights)
  • Dr. Dr. Jörg Tremmel for group 4.4 (Generation contracts and conflicts)
  • Verena Maria Tobler Linder and Dr. Angelika Köster-Lossack for group 5.2 (Human rights and the economy)
  • Prof. Dr. Udo Schuklenk for group 5.3 (Human rights and science)
  • Dr. Angelika Löster-Kossak for group 5.5 (Geopolitical aspects of human rights: culture – borders – globalization)
  • Richard Crowe for group 5.6 (Human rights and justice)
  • Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes for group 5.7 (Freedom and security)
  • Reporters without Borders for group 5.8 (Human rights and media)
  • Gabriele Fecher for group 7.4 (Design)
  • Olivia Heussler for group 7.5 (Photography)
Finishing lectures will be held on Friday the 15th:
  • Dr. Anja Mihr for group 4.2 (Poverty and social justice)
  • Julia Scherf for group 5.1 (Human rights and politics)
  • Tilman Santarius for group 5.4 (Human rights and the environment)


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