Thursday, May 14 at 02:31

The interviews with the bands at the Open Air

Kafkas are against traditional approaches, as well as borders between
different kinds of music and so they like to mix different music styles. The rock
band added some electronic music to their last album. In their songs
they stand for the rights of women and children, as well as they stand strongly against homophobia.
In their song lyrics Kafkas express their support for animal rights. The guitarist of the band, Daniel Korn is a teacher at primary school. He says he's a very strict teacher, despite his underground, informal clothing and life style. Band members do not have any special ritual before the concert, as they think that anything like that is boring.

The guys from the ska punk band Rafiki were strongly motivated to visit the ISWI. Mostly they sing about various social problems that are highlighted by media. Lorenz and Andreas from Rafiki were studying in Ilmenau and were participating in the previous ISWI. Rafiki was the youngest band on the concert and they were glad about performing on one stage with two other older and more experienced bands. Rafiki traditionally drink a bottle of beer and have a hug before the concert.

Rentokill, the melodic hardcore band from Austria, visited the ISWI during their tour. The conception of this year's ISWI influenced their decision to perform here on the Open Air Festival. The members of the band follow veganism. They support animal liberation and clean environment. Touched by meeting the refugees from Chechnya personally, the band has written few songs about the conflict in that region. It is important for the band to sing about their own experience. Rentokill do special exercises for muscles and for voice before the concert.


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