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Finding Nemo

"Can you write about the Making of a-MAZE-ing Human Rights?" ... how can I say no where there are so many subject to cover? "Of course I will...if I have to"... When I asked who's in charge of if, I was told that Nemo is the "guilty" one for the entire stuff there. And this is how began my adventure in finding Nemo...

Before going at the working-in-progress-labyrinth in order to find Nemo, I went, together with my colleague, Wolfrang-the photographer, at the Info-Point to be sure he's there. Of course, they told me he's still working there. Great, then we went just right there to catchy him. There was no Nemo. "He's at a meeting in the campus somewhere, he will come in one and a half hour". We can wait then...So we took pictures. Of the empty Eishalle, of the scheleton we found there (of someone who lost himself in the labyrinth), of butons from the music/light desk, of the lake outside, of the ducks on the lake... Each car arriving there was a good reason for us to believe that Nemo is inside. I did not even know how he looks like so I always had to ask Wolfrang "Is it him?". No reaction, no Nemo, no more things to take pictures of, no fun. 30 minutues later there was no Nemo aroung. Neither 40 minutes.

So, no Nemo, no article. Here the opening time begins. I go inside, visit the labyrith and after that...guess what: no surprise, I am going to find.....Exactly, you guessed. I go outside, I ask, I don't know the way he looks but I am looking for him. A friend of mine knows him, sees him, we are running through the labyrinth..and he is close, so close..please staaaaaaaaaaaaay....and I caught him.

Here it comes the part that normally it should have been the main info of the article: more than 50 persons involved in making the a-MAZE-ing Human Right labyrinth, "a loot" of wood, plastic from sponsors and some Ilmenau-nice-people, 100l of beer consumed, more than 100l of coffee, 80 meters long, 200 pieces of wood plus another hundreds of pieces for connexions between them, around 4.000 nails, 2 working days to make it real plus several unslept hours and at least two really happy but tired faces - Nemo's and Kristie's, the ones I talked to. For those who did not notice it, the labyrinth was composed of three main areas, each of them with a symbolic meaning: the beginning - about the violation of Human Rights,the middle - human rights today,and the end of the labyrith about what each of us can do protect and respect the Human Rights.

To end up with a trivia fact: even some of the guys involved in this project got lost in the labyrinth will working there.

Note: Nemo, I've just been told that you don't like when people make the connexion between the movie and you name, buy it's so late and I am so tired, I won't have the time to change the article so please don't get mad at me :)


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