Thursday, May 14 at 23:48

A Tribute To The ISWI

We made jokes about it, we spread rumors and we filled our lazy breaks with imagining them. And then we actually found them: ISWI-Children!
Well, to be honest, we only found one and to tell the truth it is, by definition, not a real ISWI-Child. An ISWI-Child would have been conceived at ISWI. But as the parents of this sweet little child met at ISWI eight years ago and then nearly instantly decided to stay together, this is a story worth telling.

He was a German, She was a Mexican. “I first saw her at the international brunch, performing a polka on the stage. Next time I met her by incident in the club, we had a great conversation and, yes”, he smiles, “That's it.” At the end of the week they decided to spend more time together and went on holiday to Madrid, for two and a half months! Two years later they were married and another four years later, their little girl was born – an ISWI-Child.

So that's love that overcame distance, culture and language. If it comes to love, all that doesn't matter any longer.


René said...

Wow! ...My heart is smiling ;-)

Mariam Geo said...

Hi, Rene :)
I'm touched by this story! :) you should post pictures of the ISWI-child :)

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