Thursday, May 14 at 15:06

The Times they are a-MAZE-in'

“Ich bin frei”. That is the first article stating probably the starring v.i.p - human right. Surely the most demanding event of this year’s ISWI was the amazing Human Rights Labirint built in only two days. At first designed for open air, later on adjusted to the Ilmenau weather and brought inside the Ice Rink, the maze complies handcraft, painting, drama, broadcasting, roleplaying and many more, meant to give an insight on the effects of the Human Rights violations.
At 9.05, the doors were open to the people. And right from the start, I had the feeling of guilt or of committing a crime, as we were greeted by some strict security that checked our bag and backpacks.
The suspended cameras augmented the feeling of supervision and high level security, as you got more and more confused about the no sign entries and swirling corridors. Throughout the whole maze-journey one could express his opinion towards the violations of human rights, whether it was by voting, drawing, writing or simply making a choice. Or at least that’s what I thought until I got “arrested” for taking notes and not speaking German. What a wrong feeling, that of deprivation, in any way.
Like in everyday life, the situational absurd was put in the limelight by the irrationally suspected objects: a pack of garlic with the title of a flower, a pear which was actually an apple, some feathers called stones.
You could not guess many opinions, that is why I asked some visitors about their opinion. Thomas(Germany) really enjoyed the chaos buzzing around and inside the maze and his favourite part was the mirror which said “suspected terrorist”; he would have liked a bit more pictures, but the overall impression was a positive one, especially that he finds the concert idea and organisation really good. Amr(Egypt) enjoyed quite a lot the idea and the set up of the TV show inside the maze, as well as the “mine fields” with the skeleton and the hanging rope. Rares(Romania) thinks the coffee trade wheel was one of the best set ups, together with the minefield lockers. He also has a message for the organisers: “Ohne Tasche, ohne Competition!”.
People hazed in every direction. Closing walls, fake exits, wrong corridors. In a way, having the iswicipants enter the maze was an act of art itself. With all of us exploring the space at the same time, the crowd movements themselves became the solution to the puzzle – so that, as a group, each of us helped to guide all of us through this maze of human co-existence.


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