Tuesday, May 12 at 04:41

Weather forecast

The rainy weather in Ilmenau is not surprising. The city is proud of the blue sky and a peaceful scene of dancing goats. However you are unlikely to meet a real goat in Ilmenau, or to enjoy any sunny weather. People say that here either the level-crossing is down or it's raining. It means that it is sunny if the level-crossing, which is on the way from the university to the city center, is down. After you were waiting for the long time to cross the road, the next moment when the level-crossing is up and you make a step foward, the rain will immediately start. Pretty confusing, isn't it? But it's very close to the truth.

The weather in Ilmenau is mostly rainy and totally unpredictable, unless it is a prediction made for the next second.

The participants of ISWI 2009 are now surely familiar with the local weather conditions. Just remember the storm on Saturday night! The rain that lasted the whole Monday, was the reason to transfer the Art on the Street Festival into the university building. The good thing is that you can always be sure what clothes you need to take with you to Ilmenau. There have to be at least few rain coats in the bag.

The weather forecast for the next three days promises us warm, sunny weather. But I wouldn't be too sure about that...


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