Sunday, May 10 at 23:16

"No tolerance for intolerance"

....this the "official definition" of ISWI 2009 given by the Prof. Scharff, dean of the Ilmenau University.

The opening ceremony of the 9th edition of ISWI was an inspired combination between talks about human rights, the topic of this edition, good and healthy humor, inspired music and a selection of one of the most appreciated persons in Ilmenau, at this moment. rom serious and sometimes sad truths about the situation of human rights around the world, to a short theatre play and then to the ambitious words of the organisers.

Dr. Benno Kaufhold maked us realise the importance of ISWI to a more global level: intercultural dialogue, international friendship, reduction of potential conflict of prejudices are just some of the long and short term advatages brought by ISWI. 370 students from 70 countries, lots of cultues and languages, houndreds of hours spent to be here, 370 wishes to attend this event, 370 voices pronouncig "Ilmenau" ... this is how ISWI 2009 can be shorly described in numbers.

Rector Prof. Dr. Scharff was the special star of the night. With humor and an exteremely positive attitude he "stiked" a big smile on everyone's face when preseding his "outfit". He kept his attitude as well when helping the Ministy of Eduction and Science of Turingen to hold his speech, by transforming himself from rector to translator.

Women "conquered" the audience, after that, represeted by Caroline Lehman, Stephanie Prochnan and Janina Brudy, or the head of the comitee of ISWI 2009.

A short funny theatre play and the good music offered by the university band made the night of the audience. And ISWI has almost started... Future sounds good here, in Ilmenau!


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