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Nasty stuff around campus

Offering a good quality of alcohol, we challenged you participants with a heavy serious questions colleting your impression so far.

We would like to apologize in advance to those of whom we forgot their names….

Swiss vs. Nigeria

Do you find the bathroom to be comfortable enough for all your personal needs?

N: ‘yehhh, its ok….’

What is the craziest thing you did in the bathroom?

N: ‘I probably kissed a girl…. In a club’

Disappointed from the boring answer, we hoped to get the repulsive details from the swiss guy …

S: ‘ oh yehh, they are ok, they are very clean…..’

Cleannn….a character that is to be highly important, no doubt…..

Gorgina ( made up name) form one of the minimally number of states in eastern Europe has commented on the question by stating the basic fact ‘ well…paper and water, what else do you need…’

Mr. Michael Jackson from Cameroon stepped right into the point ‘ I think my room is better…’ he said, inviting me to a round tour…

The winner though had given us with a different point of view… Ohad, from the holy land of Jerusalem. ‘I think I could make my entire day in the bathroom. Usually when I have a phone discussions, long ones then I keep them in the bathroom. This is because there it has a very romantic atmosphere. The problem is that people had come to understand that is what I do, they hear the echo of the toilet….’

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful women of them all …

In awarding the most prettiest girls, we would have to say that….Micheal wan the douze point in answering Mediterranean girls , sucking up (….) to the interviewer. On the list of course there was the girls from Russia, Spain, Finland, Argentina and….mmmmm the rest of you …well, I guess you are ugly.

Bad boys, bad boys what you are gonna do, what you are gonna do when we come for you….

‘ sorry guys… you are missing something… some fire’ sais Gorgina.. Well, just to play fair and honest, Julia from Kazakhstan is very much excited ‘ they are amazing, they are very beautiful and they have nice character…’ I can relate my friend, strong character is very much important.

Have you already found someone?

Julia: ‘ mmm…not yet but I have no doubt that something will happen…’

by Ravit&lumina


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