Tuesday, May 12 at 18:58

Freaking out

Well, you all know about lectures, the opening ceremony, the street festival and the work groups, because you attended it. But you don’t know, what happened backstage! Do you have any idea of how crazy people need to be to organize an event such as the ISWI? We found some pretty amusing stories about those freaks and so here we go: What about one of the ORG-Team members, that’s for sale for 50€? If you’re interested, please mail the info-point, stating your name, telephone-number, address and confession-size. These information will perfectly fit into the litter environment of the info-point.

The night shift is sleeping under the desk and not waking up until the first participants stand in front of him screaming for help. Stunned by their sudden appearance the guy jumps up, blinded by daylight, and heads right up to the… glass door? You know what happens next.

But ISWI-helpers don’t only get confused about the arriving of the day, but also about telephone-calls and bills. I don’t know if you heard about the two participants that were (parallelly) locked up in the bath room for two days and calling for help? There was a quarrel and panic, someone wanted to call the police, the firemen, security and an ambulance… until the poor guy at the info-point recognized that everyone around him was. It is said that the fake locked-up participant was someone to be found in the docugroup…

Later on there will be more Info-Point Chaos Report. We have an open account!


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