Wednesday, May 13 at 16:36

Anarchy in the Ilm Valley

Tuesday night ISWI held one of the most awaited events, the Open Air concert. The plateau in front of the Humboldtbau was one happy place, as it hasn't seen such a large number of people gathered together in one night in a long time. Maybe last ISWI.
Around 8 p.m., the place was already crowded with people and the beer stands were selling quite well. One more hour and the crazy night was about to begin.
At about 9, the first band started performing. Kafkas, from Germany, a punk-rock band of vegetarians and vegans. After presenting themselves as Lady Gaga, they started the show with their comic wigs on. The public was quite shy at the beginning. During the first tune, there were only 7 people in front of the stage, while the rest preferred watching from the distance. At the beginning of tune number 2, there were 9 people in the front row. At the middle of the song, there were 11, and at the end, 16.
The brilliant idea was stated before the beginning of the third song: “Let's make a Polonaise, everyone!”...and the snake got bigger and bigger with each bass note.
After about one hour, the next band went up on the stage – Rafiki. Trumpets, guitars, drums, all put together in some ska mixture that made people dance and bounce while drinking their bear, eating their wurst or their icecream. Some small raindrops tried to stop the party, but no one minded them. “Let there be beer, wurst and punk!” the Humboldtbau plateau was singing.
After such a crazy prolonged warm-up, the third band got up on the stage, around 11 p.m. Rentokill, from Austria, travelled quite some miles to meet and sing for the ISWI people. They started a bit slow for the already aroused audience, but their later tunes described themselves best: noisy, fast, energetic.
A great night for punkers, a funny one for hippies, a jolly one for bohemians, a heavy one for everyone.


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