Sunday, March 1 at 10:00

The application process is over!

Yesterday at 12 'o clock p.m. we closed the application process for the International Student Week in Ilmenau 2009. Lots of applications from many different countries reached us (the exact numbers you will find here in a few days).

What happens next?

We are now revising all the applications. This can last for about one month (We will do our best, because we know, that a lot of you have to apply for a visa). If we have chosen you to participate in the ISWI 2009, we will send you the official invitation. This will be in February or March. Please be patient and refrain from continuous asking. We appreciate it. There will be an announcement, that we have sent the invitations, here.

After you have received the message that you are invited please plan your journey and apply for visa, if necessary. Please contact us, if you are not able to come. So you give other people the chance to visit ISWI 2009.